You know there are only 2 things that stand between where you are now and getting to where you want to be.

They are:

1) A Plan and 2) Action.

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  1. Decide what you want – be very specific. How much do you want to weigh and by when, what size do you want to be? Your BMI (Body Mass Index) will help you determine your ideal healthy weight range for your height.
  2. Write down the steps – how much weight do you need to lose each week or month? create smaller intermediate goals along the way to your end goal.
  3. Select a plan to help you lose weight in the time you have decided. Carb Cruise can get you to where you want to be or we have a range of low calorie or very low calorie plans.
  4. Think about your goal as being already achieved for 5 minutes every day in the evening before going to bed. See yourself in your mind’s eye exactly as you want to be, living the life you want to live, in full colour. Use your imagination and your senses to create a picture in your mind. Gradually build up to 10 minutes per day.
  5. Start and follow your plan. Don’t wait for tomorrow or for everything to be perfect. Tomorrow will never come and nothing will ever be perfect. If you want something you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse. You can have reasons or results, not both.
  6. Fast track your success with information, advice and support. Our VIP Slimmers private group can help you. “If you want to go fast – go alone, if you want to go far – go together”.
  7. Tell someone – get your goal out there and hold yourself accountable to your end goal and intermediate goals along the way.
  8. Reward yourself! create self-care habits that nourish and relax you. Try a facial or massage or other indulgence for reaching an intermediate goal. Reward yourself with a bigger reward when you get to your goal date – a spa retreat, a city break, a personal shop, anything you fancy to make reaching your slimming goal unforgettable.
  9. Let go of the old and focus on building the new life you want.
  10. Forgive yourself and forgive others for anything you may be holding on to. Bearing grudges is a huge burden on your shoulders. Forgive yourself for not taking care of yourself because this is your turning point.
  11. Keep starting and the finishing will take care of itself. If you find you get off track or stop – just start again.
  12. Set a new goal! to be happy and fulfilled we must always be growing. Take up a new hobby, learn to dance, run a marathon, make new friends, develop a new interest, start a business, help a charity. Help others achieve their goals – if you can help someone else achieve their goal – you will set them free and will truly set yourself free at the same time.

When you’re slimmer and healthier you will have so much confidence you will want to go for anything!

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