If you want to lose weight, and are either thinking about it or you’ve started following a diet plan, there is one question you should ask yourself.

The answer can give you clues as to how fast you’ll get there or unlock things for you if you’ve been struggling.

The question is:

“If I lose all the weight I want, how will my life be, how will I feel?”

If the answer is “Great, I can’t wait to lose the weight and I’m looking forward to going out, shopping in all my favourite shops and not covering up on the beach anymore”

Then you’re on your way to losing all the weight you want if you take the necessary steps. You’re less likely to encounter any resistance – where one day you feel you can do it and the next day you can’t, or one day you feel you want it and the next you don’t. The journey will be smoother for you.

Positive examples include feeling:

• tired of your weight holding you back
• fed up of feeling self conscious
• you’re fed up about comments and looks from other people
• you want to have confidence and feel better and look better
• you want to wear your old clothes again or shop in your favourite shops
• feeling uncomfortable about your weight
• wishing you could do and wear what you want
• wanting the freedom to join in with your family and friends
• fed up of food controlling your life
• you’re worried about your health and decide enough is enough
• wanting to lose weight to start a family
• losing weight after having a baby so you can get your figure back

If the answer to the question “If I lose all the weight I want, how will my life be?” is negative or makes you feel uncomfortable then you are more likely to encounter resistance – a constant battle in your mind between what you want to do and how you see things unfolding in your life.

If when you think about yourself, having lost all your weight and you feel unsure or nervous about how things will be for you then you may make losing weight harder than it needs to be or you may sabotage your efforts repeatedly.

Negative examples include thinking that:

• you don’t deserve to be slim
• other people will be jealous of you if you’re slim
• you’ll lose friends
• you’ll get unwanted attention when you’re slim
• losing weight will be tough
• you’ll put all the weight back on
• you should put others first
• you prefer hiding behind your weight

The key to achieving your goal faster and easier

In order to achieve a goal – your subconscious mind must accept the goal at some level.

If you can’t see the goal as possible for you, either because you think you can’t lose weight, or you don’t deserve to lose weight, or being slim will be bad for you – then you will set yourself up for failure.

So take a moment to note your answer to the question “If I lose all the weight I want, how will my life be, how will I feel?”

Is the answer what you expected or does it surprise you?

Delve a little deeper and see what was behind your gut reaction. If your response is positive, you’re on track already, just choose a plan and take the action to get you there. If you want to lose weight but you feel uncomfortable when you think about losing weight, ask yourself why and challenge your response.

Losing weight will help you look better and feel better – and is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those you love. Recognise that this is a positive change in your life. And it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or if you’ve been wanting to lose weight for a long time – you can lose all the weight you want.

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