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net claro brazil

In mid-2019, Pay TV provider America Movil unified its two operations in Brazil by combining Claro with its Net service. Since then, Claro has been integrated into the Net service and is now the default option for several decoders in the hands of Net clients. In addition, the Net logo has been replaced with Claro‘s. Despite this, the Net brand will still appear on certain websites and STBs.


NET is a Brazilian telecommunications company, offering cable television, broadband internet, and telephony. As of Q2 2012, it had 5.4 million subscribers. In addition, it operated the telephone over cable service, NET Fone via Embratel, and offered fixed line phone service under the name Claro. Claro is controlled by Mexico’s America Movil.

Claro operates network infrastructure across a wide area in Brazil, including Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The company uses FTTH technology instead of HFC to connect customers. This means that the network is more secure and reliable. It also offers cheaper roaming rates than traditional cellular providers.


Embratel is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil. It offers cable television, broadband internet and telephony. As of Q2 2012, the company had 5.4 million subscribers. It also operated a telephone over cable service under the brand name NET Fone via Embratel. It is owned by Mexico’s telecom giant America Movil. Claro is the name for America Movil’s mobile business in Latin America.

Embratel is a major Brazilian telecom company with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. It started as the long distance arm of Telebras, which was then purchased by U.S. company MCI Communications. However, MCI went bankrupt in 2003 and Embratel was eventually purchased by America Movil.


Claro is a Brazilian telecom service provider. It is a leading provider of broadband internet, cable television, and telephony. In 2012, it had 5.4 million subscribers. It also offered mobile phone over cable, under the name NET Fone via Embratel. Claro is owned by Mexico’s giant telecom company America Movil. The company previously used the Claro brand for its mobile operations in Latin America.

Claro, a subsidiary of America Movil, is one of the largest multiservice operators in Brazil. It has more than 96% coverage of the country and provides integrated connectivity, entertainment, and productivity solutions to businesses and consumers. Claro is one of the fastest growing mobile operators in Brazil and is a global leader in the enterprise services segment. It has integrated mobile, fixed, and broadband networks and is one of the first in Brazil to deploy 5G connectivity through Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS).


TESS was a mobile phone operator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company began operations in 1998 and was later acquired by Claro. It merged with Embratel and NET to form Claro S.A., but kept the TESS brand name. Claro‘s competitors include Telefonica, which had a subsidiary in Brazil, and Vivo.

Among the company’s leadership team is Mr. Claro, who has twenty years of consulting experience. He specializes in new business development and technology. His current position is Regional Business Director of the Southern Region of Brazil and is responsible for promoting the company’s expansion in this region. His team also includes Mr. Moreira, who oversees company operations. He is a graduate of the Electrical Engineering program at UFGO and holds an MBA in Quality Management from FGV. His 24-year career in Information Technology has given him a wealth of knowledge, including a strong focus on customer satisfaction and resource management.

Claro Brazil is a Brazilian telecommunications company that offers mobile, fixed, and satellite television services. It is owned by the Mexican company America Movil, which has operations in 16 Latin American countries. The company offers GSM, UMTS, and LTE/LTE-A technology to its customers.


Claro net Virtua in Brazil offers a wide range of features. This internet provider uses fiber optic technology to deliver a faster and more reliable connection. It is also available in a variety of plans that range from thirty to two thousand gigabits per second. This service is ideal for people who want unlimited bandwidth without worrying about slow internet speed.

Claro NET Virtua in Brazil was launched in December 1991 as part of the Rede Globo empire. It was acquired by Embratel, a subsidiary of the Telmex group, in March 2005. This company offers fixed-line internet speeds up to 2 Mbps and unlimited data at up to 500 Mbps.