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Demolition crews are hard at work at Promenade Shopping mall, getting ready for the Oilers to move in with a brand new practice ice rink.

Information On 6 reported earlier this year the Tulsa Oilers are taking over the old Macy’s space. The Oilers will still play their games at the BOK Center, but their new home for practice will be at Promenade Mall.

“You take all the walls out and you realize how big it is, ” Oilers Owner, Andy Scurto, said.

Demolition crews are digging up the old Macy’s department store and filling dumpsters for the third week in a row. Construction will start in November and is expected to be complete next fall.

Scurto stated fans can expect a rink for the Oilers, a rink for the public, and a large sports bar on the second level with a view of all the action.

“It’s gonna be a great place for people to come hang out, have something to eat, something to drink, skate a little, do what you wanna do and just have fun there, ” he mentioned.

The Oilers said this will be the first time the team will have a dedicated practice rink that is exclusively for them.

Currently they practice at the BOK Center and the Oilers Ice Middle, which is shared with other sports, like curling.

“It’s exciting to see, because the mall has been depressed, ” Buddy Bolin said. Bolin lives across the street and has watched the property change over the last 30 years.

“They’re gonna be new neighbors, ” he said. “We’ve had new neighbors before. Macy’s were good neighbors. My wife loved to go over and shop over there. ”

Scurto said with hundreds of parking spots in the garage, he does not expect too much disruption to the neighborhood once construction is done.

“That works really well and allows you to take a mall and repurpose it into something that can be really useful to the community, ” Scurto said.

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