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When rain or melted snow falls off your roof, it is not drained efficiently. This results in dirty marks on your home’s exterior walls and erodes the soil.

These problems can be prevented by installing an eavestrough. This is an incredibly important home exterior installation. It prevents a number of issues from occurring and keeps your home safe from damage.

Prevents Structural Damages

If water accumulates on your roof for a long period, it can rot your entire roofing system. This includes shingles, fascia and soffit. This can lead to costly repairs, mold growth and yard flooding.

If melted snow doesn’t drain efficiently, it will collect in dips on your roof. It can rot the shingles and the entire roofing system, affecting your home’s structural foundation.

Eavestroughs prevent this from happening as they direct melted snow along a well-defined passage to downspouts. Downspouts then carry the water to the base of your house.

If ice dams form in your eavestrough, they will cause water backups and leaks that lead to rust, sagging, and cracks. The weight of snow will also wear down your eavestrough, which can eventually force you to replace it.

Drains Melted Snow Efficiently

During the Canadian winter months, a properly installed eavestrough is the single most important component to your home exterior. Not only does it help prevent water damage but it also saves you from having to spend some of your hard-earned cash on a full scale roof replacement.

The best part is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to install. Most reputable home improvement centers offer a wide range of eavestrough options, from the traditional to the modern era. It is a good idea to opt for an eavestrough that is made of high quality materials like copper, stainless steel or wood.

A proper eavestrough is the most efficient and effective way to ensure that rainwater and melted snow from your roof does not soak into the surrounding soil. Keeping your property dry is a top priority, particularly since the weather here in Canada is known for its unpredictable whimsies. A well-designed eavestrough will save you from having to deal with wet basements, rotting shingles and the dreaded black mold.

Saves Your Home from Flooding

When rain or melted snow doesn’t drain properly, it can build up in dips on your roof. This can cause water to rot your shingles and fascia.

A reliable eavestrough system prevents this problem from occurring, by making sure that all the melted snow and rain is carried away efficiently. This keeps your house safe and prevents it from being damaged by flooding.

Besides protecting your roofing, eavestroughs also help keep water away from your home’s foundation and sensitive soil. This saves your home from structural damage, soil erosion and mould growth.

Whenever it rains, walk around the exterior of your home and look for places where water might pool. This can be a sign that you need to alter your landscaping in order to disburse the water and mitigate pooling.

Prevents Mold Growth

Aside from preventing damage to your roof and foundation, an efficient eavestrough system will also prevent mold and mildew growth in your home. It drains rainwater and melted snow efficiently, so that it does not accumulate in spots on your roof.

This will prevent it from rotting your roof and leaving visible wet spots on the ceiling. Additionally, it will keep water from damaging your soil or causing stains on the exterior walls of your house.

Keeping humidity levels low is another important step in preventing mold. The EPA recommends that indoor humidity be between 40 and 60%, though it’s better to stay below 50% for optimal health.

Mold thrives in dark, damp places with plenty of airflow, so you need to ventilate properly in your basement and bathroom to curb moisture buildup. You can also use a dehumidifier to remove excess water from the air.