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gift ideas for figure skating fans

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There’s no doubt that figure skating is the prettiest sport out there. Don’t @ me. Because, like, come on. Dancing, spinning, jumping, and maybe even sometimes flipping on ice? How beautiful of a wonder is that? TBH, I could watch for days. (Thankfully, the 2022 Winter Olympics are coming up!) And if you’re lucky enough to have a figure skater in your life or even someone who just adores the phenomenon, I’ve got some hella-cute gift ideas for figure skating fans that’ll just melt their hearts.

In the list below, you can expect to find everything from chic figure skating accessories (you’ve gotta make sure they’re always looking fresh on the ice) to pretty and ~on-brand~ cups and mugs…because who can ever have enough of those? Whether you’re looking for a cute figure-skating-themed fashion item or a pretty art piece that’ll show their love for the elegant sport, you’ll find a gift that’ll check your boxes. Stop stressing about finding the perfect prezzie for them because the winner is among these 13 lovely options. Promise!

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this stylish puffer

Cropped Puffer

Good American

Treat them to a cozy (and cute!) puffer jacket that’ll keep ’em warm while they’re in the ice rink.


this trendy beanie

Pom Beanie

The North Face

Can’t forget about the noggin! Make sure their head is also insulated with this stylish beanie.


these fab skates

Pom-Pom Figure Skates

American Athletic Shoe

It’s time to level up and retire their white skates for ones with more personality. How adorable are the pom-pom details on this one too?


this poster

Figure Skating Knowledge Poster


They’ll be obsessed with this retro poster that features a bunch of cool facts about figure skating. An art piece that’s also informative? We love.


these pretty gloves

​Fingerless Knit Gloves

Whether they’re on the rink or the sidelines, their hands will get cold at some point! Get them a pair of chic fingerless gloves so they can still do things like fix their hair, use their phone, or eat a snack while staying toasty.


this clutch bottle

Porter Insulated Bottle

They’ll so appreciate this lovely ceramic bottle that’ll keep their hot drink warm for hours while at the rink. Plus, it comes with a leakproof lid, which means no spills!


this sweet necklace

Sterling Silver Ice Skate Necklace


Keep figure skating close to their heart (literally) by gifting them this dainty necklace. :’)


this soft head warmer

Eleni Faux-Fur Headband

Beanies might not be their thing because, ya know, hat hair. But no worries, they can still be snug and fashionable with a fuzzy head warmer.


these snug leggings

Cloudful® Crossover Pocket Plain 7/8 Leggings

Leggings layered under pants are the move if they get really cold easily. This specific pair is super soft (thanks to the Halara Cloudful Fabric) and breathable.


this cool cookie cutter

Ice Skate Cookie Cutter, 3″

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

On-brand cookies? Why not?! This cookie cutter will come in clutch for them if they ever wanna throw a themed party. Or if they just, like, really love baking figure-skating-themed cookies for the hell of it.


this adorable mug

Ice Skate Mug


You can never have enough mugs! Grab them this easy yet thoughtful prezzie if you’re feeling stuck on what to get.


these cable-knit leg warmers

Leg Warmers

Is their figure skating ’fit even complete without some fab leg warmers?


this fun cup

Starbucks Reusable Tumbler


Nothing like a personalized Starbucks cup to put a smile on their face!

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