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GREENWICH — Progress on building a new municipal ice rink is at a standstill as the town seeks a location for a temporary ice rink that will be needed during construction.

The Rink User Committee for Design and Planning met Wednesday morning but did not bring forward any formal location options for the town to consider.

“Everybody needs to recognize that this is now the critical path of the Hamill (rink),” Committee Chair Bill Drake said. “The architects are on hold. The pens are down and we’re not working with Planning and Zoning (on the new rink). That whole project has to wait on this project, the temporary rink. That’s what we’ve got to work on.”

The plans committee to put forward two or three possible sites for the town to choose among, Drake said. Earlier this month, the committee considered using part of the Greenwich High School campus or Western Middle School’s back baseball field.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Drake and Luigi Romano, interim town superintendent of building construction and maintenance, said they had reached out to Superintendent of Schools Toni Jones but had not heard back.

However, GPS Director of Communications Jonathan Supranowitz, said Jones did respond to the committee and said the school sites would not be feasible.

“Unfortunately, Western Middle School cannot host a temporary rink because we will be undergoing soil remediation work and it could impede getting the field back in action for our students and community,” Supranowitz said Wednesday. “GHS is also lacking in space, especially right now given the soil remediation taking place on that campus.”

He added, “Ultimately, if (the) Parks and Recreation (Department) wants to have a discussion about possibilities, GPS is always open to that. Our hockey teams utilize the existing rink, so we understand the importance of trying to find ice time for our student-athletes and youth players.”

Choosing a location for the temporary rink will require the cooperation of the Parks and Recreation Department, the Department of Public Works and the Board of Education, Drake said. He said he would be happy to hear any suggestions.

When asked when he wanted to have a location chosen, Drake told Greenwich Time, “Yesterday.”

“The discussion about sites hasn’t really commenced, in my opinion,” Drake said. “We’ve all got to get together.”

Under the current plan, the existing Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink would be demolished and a new facility would be built in its place.

A temporary rink would be used for two winter seasons so the town would not lose any ice time. The temporary structure, which would have a cover, would be taken down in spring and rebuilt in the fall. In use from October to March, it would be the standard regulation size of 85 feet by 200 feet.

Another option for the rink discussed earlier in the month was either the Horseneck or Island Beach parking lots. Romano said there had been talks, but there were “a few complications” with those possible sites.

“There are utility poles, utility access, removing the parking for the commuters and then achieving the parking for the rink,” Romano said. “There would be temporary paving and repaving, taking down utility poles and putting them back. And there’s a 54-inch sewer main, I think, under the Horseneck lot that we have to be aware of. There’s a lot of unknowns about that line.”

The town would also have to determine how to get the electrical power needed for a rink to the temporary location, Romano said.

This is “not one of those simple decisions,” Drake said.

At Wednesday’s meeting, community member Anne Driscoll put forward the idea of considering Greenwich Catholic School, which is on North Street next to St. Michael’s Church.

“It’s a big space, and I think it’s fairly level, too,” Driscoll said. “I think it might be something worth looking into.”

Town Director of Parks and Recreation Joe Siciliano and committee member Mike Bocchino agreed the school could be an option. Drake said he would see whether it could work there.

“It’s a good location, and I think they would be on board,” Bocchino said.

Pamela Carragher, the school’s director of finance and operations, told Greenwich Time she was “always open to having the conversation” about the rink. But there might be concerns about the space needed and the impact on neighbors, she said.

“We’re always open to hearing ideas like this and having conversations,” Carragher said. “We’ve had discussions in the past here about having ice skating so we would be willing to at least talk about this.”

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