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CSCTE 2022 Scheduled to Open at the End of November

BEIJING , Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Press Briefing of China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo 2022 (hereinafter referred to as “CSCTE 2022”) plus Investment Promotion Conference was held in Guangzhou on August 3 . It was officially announced that CSCTE 2022 is scheduled to be held on November 25-27 at Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou .

This press briefing was attended by Huang Jin , Deputy Director of Sports activities Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China ; Lin Yanfen , Deputy Director of Administration of Sports activity of Guangzhou Municipality; Zhu Dongfang, President of Asia Digital Group; Zhang Li , Executive Vice President of Asian countries Digital Group; representatives associated with sports administrations of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, representatives of relevant industry institutions, media as well as embassies and consulates in China , and heads of national individual sports associations.

2022 is a key year for the 14th Five-Year Plan. The Outline for Building a Leading Sports Nation is being implemented across the board, and the efforts to build a leading sports nation are underway. The dream of making China a country strong on sports is being integrated into the Chinese Dream. CSCTE 2022 is endowed with a new positioning and a lofty mission at such an important historical juncture.  

Huang Jin , Deputy Movie director of Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China , thanked the representatives of the exhibitors who came from afar, plus thanked Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government for its support for CSCTE in the face of the epidemic. In his speech, he said that the hosts and organizers worked together to overcome the difficulties and prepare for CSCTE in the context of the ongoing epidemic, injecting vitality to the recovery of the sports business. It is also an excellent interpretation of Beijing Winter Olympics spirit of “bearing in mind the big picture, being confident and open, rising to the challenges, pursuing excellence, and creating a better future together”. The particular theme of this year’s CSCTE is “One Community One Shared Future”. It will promote sports culture and continue the spirit of sports activities. It will focus on public fitness programs and explore the frontier and hot topics related to public fitness programs and public health in China . It will follow the development of the particular ice and snow market, and leverage the heritage of Beijing Olympic plus Paralympic Winter Games to bring vitality to the winter sports and cultural tourism market. It will also focus on the integrated development of culture and tourism, improve the quality of sports tourism products and facilitate product trading on the basis of sports tourism resources as well as cultural and creative products.

Zhang Li , Professional Vice President of Asia Digital Group, said that the global sports industry is developing healthily, and the value of the sports market will see breakthroughs in terms of content, channel plus technology in the next 3 to 5 years. The global sports market shows three characteristics: the singularity of sports technologies, the particular “low threshold” and “community” nature of sports trends, and the trend of integration of the sports industry with other industries. It presents a new opportunity for pushing the envelope of the sports industry. The preparations for CSCTE 2022 are being made in an orderly manner in light of the global sports development trend as well as the characteristics of domestic development.

CSCTE 2022 becomes a national high-level sports culture, integrated sports-tourism advancement and display & investing platform with professional scope and industrial breadth. It is also a sports event that promotes the matchmaking associated with global production and demand resources and spurs industrial development. CSCTE 2022 will accelerate the integrated progress sports and culture & tourism, and give an impetus to the realization of the dream of building a leading sports nation and the dream of China’s rejuvenation.

Introduction to CSCTE 2022:

The far east Sports Culture Expo, hosted by General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Olympic Committee, is the only expo hosted by General Administration of Sport of Tiongkok with the approval of State Council. Cina Sports Tourism Expo, managed by All-China Sports Federation, Chinese Olympic Committee plus China Tourism Association, is a high-level expo in the sports activities tourism industry. CSCTE  2022  is organized by Guangzhou Municipal Government, Sports Tradition Development Center of General Administration of Sport associated with China , and Asia Digital Group Sports.

CSCTE  2022  is scheduled to become held on November 25-27, 2022 at Poly World Trade Center Expo inside Guangzhou.  

With the theme of “One Community One Shared Future”, CSCTE 2022 aims to accelerate the building of a leading sports nation, meet the people’s needs for good health, and promote the high-quality advancement sports in the new era. Based on the national strategy and with a perspective of the international market, CSCTE 2022 works to promote sports consumption through the integration of sports culture and tourism; and facilitate the fostering of a brand new double development dynamic, with the domestic economy and worldwide engagement providing mutual reinforcement and with the former as the mainstay, in a bid to establish itself as an international, professional, market-oriented, high-end display and trading platform for sports tradition and integration of sports and tourism.

CSCTE 2022 will advertise sports culture, keep the soul of sports alive, plus showcase the powerful inspiration of cohesion provided by sports activities for the rejuvenation of the Chinese language nation. It focuses on public fitness programs and explore the frontier and hot topics related to public health and fitness programs and public health in China and taiwan ; follows the development of the ice and snow sector, and leverage the history of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to create vitality to the winter sports plus cultural tourism market; focuses on the integrated development of lifestyle and tourism, improve the quality of sports tourism products and facilitate product trading on the basis of sports tourism resources as well as cultural and creative products.

CSCTE 2022 will sets up five exhibition areas: the theme exhibit area of sports culture and sports tourism that carries forward the sports nature and strength; sports culture and sports tourism event area that comprehensively showcases the achievements in sports culture and sports travel and leisure development made by all provinces, autonomous regions and cities; national and international group exhibition area that displays the achievements in sports activities culture and sports industry made by national and regional exhibition groups, international sports organizations, international sports tradition, sports tourism and sports activities event organizations; exhibition area of sports consumption and services such as sports consumption brands, sports event brands, sports and fitness venues and also facilities & equipment, sports activities culture publicity, etc .; sports exhibition area that displays intelligent sports technology.

CSCTE 2022 will trace the development of sports undertakings. More than 10 parallel forums will be held, covering sports activities culture, sports business, sports cities, stadiums and facilities, youth sports, and ice and snow industry. Other supporting activities to be held include the presentation of plates to national sports travel demonstration bases, the promotion of high-quality Chinese sports activities tourism projects, the advertising of excellent Chinese sports culture projects, etc .

SOURCE Asia Digital Group

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