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The chiller, a machine that keeps ice frozen, was delivered Wednesday for the new NPIce rink in Centennial Park.

The rink was slated to open Wednesday, but extremely cold weather delayed the project. Organizers hope to open early next week.  

For up-to-date information, see NPIce on social media or check the website NPice. com .

The website contains a calendar of events, as well as information about leagues, skating lessons, and other info, said Samantha Geisler of the North Platte Area Sports Commission, a branch of the Visitors Bureau.

The rink will be one-third of regulation hockey size, 90’ x 70’, located just east of the ballfields and south from the concession stand, near the center of Centennial Park.

Organizer BLu McGrath is the president of the non-profit organization, NPIce, Inc. McGrath moved to North Platte from the Colorado and Wyoming area more than two years ago. He has 23 years of experience in ice rink management.

Co-founder Tyler Sexson is the owner plus operator of Sandhills Physical Therapy in North Platte. Sexson has built his own backyard rinks and has a passion for hockey and skating ,   according to their website.

The rink is portable and can be stored offsite during the summer. It can also be expanded if a larger rink is required in the future.

Top photo by Don Kurre: Unloading the chiller on Wednesday.

Coordinator BLu McGrath stands next to the chiller after it is in place. ( Photo by Don Kurre)
Sideboards in place on, Dec. 20. Photo by Kat Tedder.

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