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Friends, what a glorious week for sports. This week’s online notebook entry is dedicated to not only winning but the celebrations that come with it!

The Canadian women’s hockey U18 team won a  world championship title  this past week. Their 3-2 win over rival U. S. team  led to a moment of unadulterated joy on the ice. In less than a year, Canadian women’s hockey has swept all major tournaments including Olympic gold, the world championships and now the U18 worlds.

Players piling on top of each other on the ice always gets me. The U18 had been cancelled twice because of COVID-19 and  the fact that this tournament was played is important.  

It was lovely to see the families of the players shown some love. As we know, champions are not made alone. They are supported and helped by many around them.

Littlest Warriors steal the show

On that note, the cutest little supporters emerged on Thursday night as the Golden State Players beat the Boston Celtics with a win in Game 6 to clinch the particular NBA championship.  

There were tears of joy from Finals MVP Steph Curry and insightful comments from Warriors stalwart and shooting guard Klay Thompson, but the sweetest moment of celebration was not in the dressing room. That happened  when the Warriors’ babies stole some shine for a few precious and well-deserved moments.

Andrew Wiggins, associated with Vaughn, Ont.,   was on stage and his daughter, Amyah, hugged Draymond Green’s son, DJ, in excitement.  

Green’s daughter, Kyla, joined in the hug, too. While we see these little people surrounded by some of the best athletes in the world, it is lovely to see their joy and happiness. Maybe they are too small to understand the magnitude of the win, but they see their peers happy and join in with the purest of intentions.

This particularly pulled at my heartstrings  because they were in TD Gardens in Boston among many sad faces of Celtics fans.  

If this interests you, here is a great account about NBA families. It’s adorable: NBA  kids .

Vlad Jr. walks it off

You don’t have to win a championship to celebrate. Sometimes joy can come from your teammate’s first major league walk-off  as was the case with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. against the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday night.

The reactions of the rest of the team are priceless and so sincere. There is something wondrous about seeing athletes big up their teammates.  

The last of the Men’s World Cup qualifiers are happening and Australia beat out Peru to secure a berth. Not only was the instant exciting, but the reporting on it was also electric.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation presenter Tony Armstrong (also the pro-Aussie Rules Football player) went viral because of his reaction to the win within real-time.  

Armstrong announced that he will be coming out of retirement to play in the AFL. His jubilation and excitement will be assets for the team. And I am sure he will be cheering plus reporting on the Socceroos come November.  

I will leave you a song inspired by Draymond Green’s words: “… Welcome to the particular Golden State Invitational” said moments after the Warrior’s earn. In honour of that vibe, here is Oakland’s MC Hammer with his famous jam U Can’t Touch This.  

I hope you jump for joy this weekend!

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