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Evart’s Paul Higgins has had a tremendous spring

If there's a more successful fisherman in Oscela County than Paul Higgins, that's saying something;

If there’s a more successful fisherman in Oscela County than Paul Higgins, that’s saying something;

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EVART —  Osceola County has many excellent fishermen and among them is Evart’s Paul Higgins who had a very productive spring and is looking forward to a productive summer.

“We’ve been kind of all over the place, fishing at Manistee and Ludington last weekend and places like Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell,” Higgins said. “It’s been going good. I can’t complain. There’s a lot of walleyes and pike. There’s some bass mixed in. I’ve been getting some nice perch. It’s been a good couple of weeks.

“We had a real good spring from mid-February to early April. I did good on steelhead up at Tippy Dam. We had some good days up there. We’ve have good luck.”

As it gets warm, possibilities of success “just depends on what you’re doing after,” Higgins said. “The water surprisingly is still fairly cool. I would assume we get warm temperatures and water temps will warm up and fishing will be spawning and pike and walleye will be transitioning into deeper water.

“I think it will be great fishing at least for the next couple of weeks and we’ll see what mid-June brings temperature wise. That will be a big tale for the rest of the summer.”

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