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— A new development coming to Holly Springs may lift sports, like ice hockey and figure skating, in the area to a new level.

At the center is a private high school education with a big concentrate on academic and athletic excellence.

Construction is now taking place off Old Holly Springs Apex Road near Interstate 540. The larger community is called Carolina Springs, and single-family homes and townhomes will be built there. But at the heart of the project is Calvert Ice Sports.

“Calvert Ice Sports is going to have embedded within it, a complete boarding day school, ” said head of the school Tim Healy.

Healy said high school and for some, a post-graduate experience, will be similar to that of a northeast prep school. The school hopes to attract students from across the U. S. and internationally.

“This is going to be home for them. This is going to be their community, ” said Healy.

The difference for the students is on the ice.

“Our goal is to turn them into high-level athletes, if they’re not there yet, but also high level college students as well, ” said Healy.

Students will train and compete on four National Hockey League-sized ice rinks and invite competition from across the country.

“What that will do is bring tournaments. They will bring figure skating competition, and it will be a way for us to show off the town of Holly Springs, ” said Holly Springs Mayor Sean Mayfeskie.

Healy said plans for that project would make it a first of its kind facility.

“While there are other academies sprung up, the fact that this is designed with every brick, with intentionality for students, for student sports athletes, it’s really what makes us different, ” he said.

Healy is originally from upstate New York and spent most of his career in independent school education.

“From the time we came to the Triangle, this has become home to our family. We’ve been heavily involved in the hockey community, ” said Healy.

Healy said that Holly Springs town leaders welcome growth.

“That’s a lot of the reason why we’re here, ” he said.

By late 2024, Calvert Snow Sports is slated to open and add to that sports reputation. ”

The snow world, whether it’s figure skating or youth handbags, they saw a need and they went for it and I couldn’t be happier that they chose Holly Springs, inch said Mayefskie.

Healy stated the new facility will also be available for local athletes with youth and adult programs.

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