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BISMARCK, N. D. (KFYR) – With Bismarck and Mandan’s growing use of ice rinks for recreation, the VFW Sports Center in Bismarck will be getting a third rink. The new rink will have a common lobby, new locker rooms, and concessions.

“Yes, we’ve continued to see growth in our ice program, that would be our figure skating, our hockey booth, and high school, and then the other things the ice is used for is adult hockey. So , most people don’t realize after the youth are done, the adults come in and play too, ” said Kevin Klipfel, Parks and Recreation Executive Director.

The construction costs for the project will be around $15. 7 million and will be funded by a variety of financers, Klipfel said. The project is estimated to be completed with skateable ice by 2023.

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