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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) – Midstate Independent Living Choices held its first adaptive ice-skating party for people with disabilities Friday. They do varying adaptive events throughout the year, with each of the staff proposing an activity that has meaning for them.

“Since I grew up playing hockey, that’s how I came up with the adaptive ice-skating event. Because that’s what I’m passionate about,” said Independent Living Consultant Alex Lena.

Participants used skates walkers, wheelchairs and sleds to navigate the slippery rink. The paralympic-style sled ice-hockey sleds came from the Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association in Milwaukee.

“They didn’t charge us for any use of the equipment, which is really nice being a non-profit,” Lena said.

Parents were grateful to have a space where their kids could not only have fun, but meet and interact with others who are like them. The ice skating was the second event Jalaine Britton brought her daughters to, and she plans to continue.

“I think it’s really nice, and I know they have a canoe thing going on during the summer and I want to take my kids out there too,” Britton said.

The events are free for participants, their families and friends, and include other creature comforts too.

There were walking tacos and snacks, along with soda and water for all involved, and a sensory room with fidgets and bubble tubes for those who get overwhelmed and need a chance to re-group.

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