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A plan to open an ice-skating rink in North Platte has received substantial support from around the community, organizer BLu McGrath said Friday.

The outdoor skating and hockey rink would be located in Centennial Park, open from December-February.

The rink would introduce the community to snow hockey, figure skating and a whole lotta fun, McGrath said when he announced the project in August.

It would be one-third the regulation hockey size, 90’ x 70’.

McGrath is the president of the non-profit organization, NPIce, Inc. He moved to North Platte from the Colorado and Wyoming area about two years ago. He has 23 years of experience in ice rink management. Co-founder Tyler Sexson is the owner and operator of Sandhills Physical Therapy in North Platte. Sexson has built his own backyard rinks and has a passion for hockey and skating , according to their website.

The particular rink would have a concession area and would be used to teach, promote and train ice skating and winter sports. Skating lessons and hockey games are anticipated.

McGrath said Shrake Body Shop helped with a digital advertisement at the railroad overpass on Jeffers St ., following a $9, 000 grant from Visit North Platte.

Another 18 businesses have pledged their support, along with 10 individuals or families.

The rink would have a concession area plus would be used to teach, promote and train ice skating and winter sports. Skating lessons plus hockey games are anticipated, as well as open skating. He said the board is meeting this weekend to add members and develop the programs that will be offered.

McGrath thanked the following businesses for getting the project started: First Nebraska Financial Services, Keenen Management LLC, Gateway Realty, Sandhills PT, Nebraskaland Bank, 1st Interstate Bank, Akrs Equipment John Deer, Phelps Family Dentistry, Great Plains Health, Runza, Western Nebraska Bank, Coyote Lake Ranch, Northern Platte Rotary, D& N Event Center/Kubota, BLuStar Enterprises, Wilkinson Development, Shrake Body Shop, Visit North Platte, and all the families and individuals who have contributed. ”

Moving forward, NPIce is looking to raise another $150, 000 for equipment and operation.   Three grants have been applied for, through the city, Chamber of Commerce and Mid-Nebraska Development Foundation.    

However , private donations continue to be needed to support this incredible winter activity, he stated.

NPIce is appreciative of the support and positive reaction from the west-central region. To donate or learn more, visit , NPICE on Facebook; send an email to  [email protected] com or call McGrath at 308-636-6970 or Sexson at 308-520-5711.

The planned location of the ice rink

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