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LONG VALLEY, NJ — The Washington Township Committee and Mayor will discuss a possible ice rink for Palmer Park during a Committee Work Session on Wednesday, July 13, according to the work session agenda.

As of right now, the potential rink is slated to be placed on one of the three softball fields located at the park.

According to the agenda, Mayor Matthew Murello requested an updated estimate for the rink if it was to be placed on the softball field. The estimated cost of the project would be a little over $5, 000 if the township goes with the PVC pipe and liner, said Kenneth Budd, General Supervisor of Washington Township Department of Public Works.

“Tarp cost varies based on thickness but it needs to be white to prevent it from aiding in melting the ice. I would recommend a heavier tarp which will be approximately $4000. A thinner material can be purchased for approximately $3000. We also need to factor in the need to purchase from a vendor who will sell to a municipality with a PO, ” Budd said.

The ice rink and potential financing issues will be discussed during the work session meeting, based on the agenda.

Washington Township currently has one other outdoor snow rink, the West Morris Wolfpack Hockey Rink, which was Mayor Matt Murello’s pet project that had been in development for more than five years.

After several delays, the rink finally opened in 2021, and local athletes were able to participate in street hockey and other sports in the spring plus summer, as well as ice hockey and skating in the winter, under the right weather conditions.

It was announced earlier this year that the West Morris Wolfpack Hockey Rink would not be flooded this season due to the high cost of a special liner, which ended up being two to three times higher than estimated and hence not included in the 2021 budget.

The West Morris Wolfpack Youth Ice Hockey Club plays at the rink, which is also used by the Morris Youth Hockey League. During the winter and summer seasons, surrounding towns make use of the outdoor recreational space as well.

The meeting will begin at 7: 00 p. m. at the Wa Township Municipal Building, which is located at 43 Schooley’s Mountain Road. The complete agenda can be found here .

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