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BEIJING , Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The World Winter Sports ( Beijing ) Expo 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the WWSE) was unveiled in Beijing on September 1 st . The global power of ice and snow gathered here to celebrate the foremost feast of the ice and snow industry . Li Yingchuan, deputy head of the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), Zhang Jiandong, vice mayor of Beijing plus executive vice president of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG), Zhao Wen , director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, and Zhu Dongfang, president of Asia Digital Group, visited the exhibition hall.

Hosting the WWSE is Beijing’s solemn commitment to the international community when it bade for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Since its inception in 2016, it has been held annually in Beijing and has now become the largest, most authoritative and professional expo in the global ice and snow industry after seven years of development, highly recognized by the industry in and out of China.

This WWSE, with Asia Digital Group as one of the hosts, continues the theme of “The Power of Ice and Snow”. In the post-Winter Olympics era, the sustainable development of the ice and snow industry will be comprehensively promoted, and the exchanges between The far east and the world at large will be advanced through the full integration of global ice and snowfall resources and the continuous strengthening of international exchanges plus cooperation to create more values for the global winter sports in addition to ice and snow industry. Its exhibition section includes four themed exhibition areas in eight categories. Over 600 brands from nearly 30 countries and regions has participated in the exhibition, and more than 200, 000 winter sports enthusiasts have been involved online or offline during the five-day event.

Pooling “The Power of Ice and Snow” to Help the Global Ice and Snow Industry Further Flourish  

On the morning of September 1 st , the Main Forum of the International Sports Services Trade Conference & the World Winter Sports ( Beijing ) Expo was held in Shougang Park, addressed by Deputy Head of the GASC Li Yingchuan and even Vice Mayor of Beijing and Executive Vice President from the BOCOG Zhang Jiandong. Government officials and industry experts from countries around the world “came” to the site offline or via online videos.

According to Li Yingchuan, with the extensive participation of all sectors associated with society, the sports business has shown vigorous development. The total scale and added value of the sports industry increased from 952. 6 billion yuan and 313. 6 billion yuan in 2012 to 2 . 74 trillion yuan and 1 . 07 trillion yuan in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 14. 1% together with 16. 6% respectively. Its added value in GDP rose to 1. 06% in 2020 from 0. 6% in 2012. Among them, the sports services industry has maintained a good momentum of development, whose proportion in the sports activities industry jumped from 34. 6% in 2012 to 68. 7% in 2020, with growth rate much higher than the average of the tertiary market in the same period.

Zhang Jiandong pointed out that under the leadership of the Chinese government, this year has witnessed every effort made by us to overcome difficulties and additionally challenges such as the COVID-19, and the presentation of a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympic Games towards the world. The successful hosting of the Beijing 2022 has further stimulated the sporting activities enthusiasm of hundreds of millions regarding Chinese people. The Chinese language government has accelerated the development of sports in line with people’s new expectations for a better life. Furthermore, at the Review not to mention Awards Ceremony of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, President Xi Jinping stated that we must fully leverage the important role involving sports in advancing people’s well-rounded development and step up efforts to build China into a leading sporting nation. It is imperative to thoroughly study and implement the guidelines connected with important speeches made by President Xi, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Beijing 2022, give full play to the advantages of the dual-Olympic city, and comprehensively promote the development of mass sports, competitive sports, and the sports sector, so as to make citizens’ lives more colorful and the city full of vitality.

Zhao Wen introduced the athletics services industry in 2022, and Peng Weiyong, mouthpiece director of the Sports Economy Department at the GASC, released the Report on China’s Sports Solutions Trade (2021) . In addition , guests who delivered speeches include British Trade Commissioner for Tiongkok John Edwards , Minister Counsellor of the Department for International Trade at the British Embassy Beijing Sohail Shaikh, President of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association Jason Ferguson, President of the International Sports Press Association Gianni Merlo, Executive Director in the Olympic Games at the International Olympic Committee Christophe Dubi , President with the International Biathlon Union Olle Dahlin and Former Secretary-General of the International Ski Federation Sarah Lewis.

Christophe Dubi proposed in his video speech that the development of Beijing and Hebei Province will be very different after the Olympic Winter season Games. And it’s the very thing for the Olympic Movement and for winter sports at large. Olle Dahlin put forward that this year’s WWSE is particularly important as it’s the first edition to take place after the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Previously, this Expo was used to support with the preparation for the games. It was an opportunity for that Chinese and international activities community to connect, share best practice and plan for how to maximize the Beijing 2022. Now we are in a post-Olympic era. It’s more important than ever that legacy is not forgotten.

Key to this will rightly be continuing to invest in winter sport.

Afterwards, a round-table dialogue, themed as “Focus on the ‘Post-Winter Olympics’: China’s Snow and Snow-the Future Can Be Expected” was held. Suggestions on promoting the high-quality development of China’s ice and compacted snow industry were offered by such guests as Zhao Yinggang, chairman of the China Sled Association and deputy director of the Sustainable Development Committee at the BOCOG, Michael Berger , counsellor of the Commercial Office at the Austrian Embassy in China , Nico H. Schiettekatte , counsellor for Health, Welfare and Sports in the Embassy of Kingdom with the Netherlands in Beijing ,

Zeng Dechao, chairman on the Yulin City Committee of this CPPCC of Shaanxi Province , Li Yanqiu, general manager for Doppelmayr China and Shen Yumei, director of the Engo Division at TechnoAlpin Group. Executive Vice President of Asia Digital Group Zhang Li released the Research Report on China’s Winter Sports Industry Development (2022) for the reference of the ice and excellent skiing conditions industry.

In addition to the Main Forum, the WWSE 2022 presented a number of parallel forums and supporting activities such as the Olympic City Development Forum, the Outdoor Living Forum and the Sports Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition to facilitate the exchange and integration of the global ice and snow field.

600+ Companies Involved as Exhibitors to Create a Spectacular Event for your Ice and Snow Industry  

The WWSE has always adhered to the tenet, “for full matchmaking of international winter sports resources and sound development of China’s ice and also snow industry”. This WWSE has further strengthened the integration of global ice and environments resources, with an internationalization price of nearly 68%. It has attracted more than 20 ice and snow countries including Austria , Italy , Japan , Canada , France , the Netherlands , Finland , the United Kingdom and Slovenia to participate, showing the particular world’s most cutting-edge winter sports equipment, ice and ideal facilities, ice and perfect technology and Olympic culture to the public.

The exhibition section consists of the themed exhibitions about ice and snow technology, international pavilion, Olympic achievements, integration of ice as well as snow culture, ice and snow / sports events, fashion show, camp existence, ice and snow experience, and sports activities experience. The themed exhibitions act as an excellent stage for the dissemination in ice and snow tradition in various countries and areas and the promotion of snowboarding products.

As one of the origins of modern ice plus snow sports, Austria , together with Doppelmayr, Axess and other well-known Austrian ice and snow brands, appeared in the form of a national pavilion, displaying outdoor equipment in ski resorts, ski teaching and training in addition to ice-making equipment and technologies. “Made in Austria ” presents its high-quality products and services for the public, ranging from premium physical activities equipment to facilities within pistes.

Many notable enterprises from China as well as the world at large showed their latest achievements and cutting-edge explorations with ice and even snow technology and snow and snow equipment. Norway’s largest sports brand Swix, with a professional ski event operation team and rich experience in sports occasion organization and operation, showed its latest research from “Dynamic Friction S-LAB” upon site. The famous Italian brand and an “old friend” of the WWSE, TechnoAlpin, showcased, with the theme of “Combining typically the Powers of Ice together with Snow Equipment”, its world’s most cutting-edge snowmaking technological innovation, that is, TR10 automatic gun-type snowmaker.  

The Beijing Olympic Wintertime Games are a rare historical opportunity for the development of the ice and additionally snow industry, and the advancement and reuse of the Olympic heritage has also taken the center stage. In view of this, this WWSE has set up an exhibit area for the promotion of Olympic achievements to display this transformation of high-tech accomplishments of the Olympic Winter Online games and the services for Olympic venues. Visitors can not only see the fruitful achievements of your Beijing 2022, but also feel the thinking and practice belonging to the inheritance and reuse within the Olympic heritage.

Yanqing, as one of the three major competition zones of this Olympic Winter Games, has made every effort to build a demonstration zone for international sports not to mention ice and snow marketplace. At the booth of the Yanqing competition zone, we can see various Olympic Winter Games and also ice and snow related exhibits scattered on the hexagonal prism of snowflakes. Besides, based on Xiaohaituo Mountain, where the core area of the competition zone is located, the Eye of Haituo was built with LED screens in the center of the exhibition hall to show visitors the wonderful moments of the Beijing 2022 in Yanqing and relive the games together with visitors under the atmosphere of Olympic events so as to extend the popularity of the games. The Beijing Institute for International Olympic Studies, built based on the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (CUPES), is the first cultural heritage of the Beijing Olympic Winter months Games. The CUPES displayed the heritage in forms of sports science and engineering and services for the Olympic Winter Games, helping visitors to understand how the legacy for the Olympic Games unlocks lasting benefits. Furthermore, a stage with regard to China’s power of ice as well as snow has been set up as usual, where Liaoning Province , Yulin City, Shijingshan District and other glaciers and snow powers inside China also showed their own ice and snow features.

It is worth noting that the ski resorts including the Wanlong Paradise Resort, the Thaiwoo Ski Vacation resort, the Beidahu Ski Holiday resort, the Wanda Changbaishan Ski Resort and the Fulong Four Seasons Town appeared in the joint exhibition of skiing resorts in the competition zones of the Beijing 2022, enabling the public to catch a glimpse of the Olympic venues.

The concept of a guest country of honor was proposed for the first time in the WWSE 2017. In detail, a country along with great influence in ice cubes and snow sports and industry is invited by each WWSE as the guest country of honor. Over the past few years, Switzerland , Austria , Finland and Italy have successively become the visitor countries of honor. This WWSE has specially set up an international joint exhibition area to display the images and resources of the previous guest countries of honor to promote often the exchanges of international ice-cubes and snow industry within the post-Winter Olympics era.

Diverse Supporting Activities Arranged to Comprehensively Enrich the Ice and Snowfall Experience for the Public

The interactive experience ignites the “ice and snow enthusiasm” among the public. A variety of supporting actions with novel forms have been carried out from the two dimensions of advancing the ice plus snow industry and promoting winter sports, so as to stimulate your enthusiasm of the public in order to participate in ice and glaciers sports. A series of supporting routines showing the highlights for this ice and snow community include the Sports Science in addition to Technology Entrepreneurship Competition plus the Industry TOP Awards regarding investors and innovative and even entrepreneurial projects, and the Fashion Show and the Experience for Camp Life, Hot Sporty Frisbees, Recreational Vehicles and Mass Sports for the general public. These activities act as a stage for the development of the sporting industry in the post-Winter Olympics era and further promote the exact mutual benefit and trade of global sports services trade. Furthermore, exhibitors can also shorten the distance with consumers through on-site business matchmaking, special promotion, and matching transactions.

The Sports Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition has been held to the fifth time since 2017 and discovered a large number of advanced high-tech sports enterprises. With focus on the development of the Olympic heritage, this competition aims to explore more emerging technologies and help more enterprises together with capital connect to promote the innovative development of sports technology. In addition , the Industry TOP Awards, covering the whole sports trade in this Sports Services Section, has set up three major awards, namely Top 10 Ski Resorts, Top Winter Destinations of one’s Year and Top Brands Honours for Global Innovative Enterprises, which have been announced on site, and a number of brands on the list will be new benchmarks in the industry. Afterwards, the awards ceremony was staged.

This WWSE has enhanced the appeal of various supporting activities, involving interactive places such as Ice and Compacted snow Consumption, Camp Life Experience, Ice and Snow / Outdoor Fashion Show, and additionally Healthy Life + so as to engage the public in its polar environment and snow sports, further stimulate sports consumption not to mention promote sports trade and also cooperation. Real ice show, curling, parent-child interaction as well as VR skiing have also attracted more visitors. On top of that, the particular Shougang Park has newly set up the WWSE Encounter Hall to connect the offline exhibition with the digital one. Therefore , exhibitors and site visitors can have more choices and enjoy different services, further conditioning the brand and service among the WWSE. These rich and wonderful supporting activities not only provide a display platform for any ice and snow exhibitors, but also attract visitors to get involved in ice and snow sporting events, stimulate sports consumption, plus boost the ice and ground industry to become bigger in addition to stronger.

The particular Cloud WWSE was held at the same time with the offline one, livestreaming multiple parallel forums and even on-site activities to create a global digital ice and snow industry display platform without limitations of space to maximize the involvement of practitioners and winter sports enthusiasts.

China’s winter sports together with ice and snow market place have ushered in a golden period of development accompanied by typically the successful holding of the Beijing 2022. In the post-Winter Olympics era, the WWSE, as one of the legacies of the games, has taken the Beijing 2022 as an opportunity as always and given full play to its platform advantages to explore the innovation, transformation and upgrade of a ice and snow enterprise with ice and snowfall as the medium and industry as the foundation so as to advertise the popularization of winter sports knowledge in China , and advance the development of the global ice and additionally snow industry.

SOURCE Asia Digital Team

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