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Wanda the witch and Greg the ghost are two friends who live hidden in a clearing near Stonehill. Every year on Halloween night, they disguise themselves as humans to collect delicious sweets.

As Wanda waits for her partner in crime at their usual meeting place, she hears a commotion:

“My candy for the trick-or-treaters was stolen! ” exclaims a man dressed as a pirate.

“Mine too! ” an elderly woman shouts from her balcony.

“Same here! ” yells a young couple in unison.

The neighbors soon gather in the street and begin exchanging theories on how their candy was stolen. Suddenly, Greg shows up, looking mischievous and wearing a sheet, so no one suspects he’s a real ghost.

“It was you! ” Wanda accuses him immediately.

“What!? I’m not a trickster, ” he answers with a wink.

“We’re just about to go trick or treating, ” Wanda replies. “We must give them back their candy! ”

“That’s right, so you’d better find my great hiding place right away! ” laughs Greg. “I figured it all out when I ‘borrowed’ the candy last night. If you solve my riddle, they’ll get their chocolate back.

“Here are my three clues:

1 . I’m full of colorful treasures of all shapes and sizes.
2 . You must wear good shoes when you visit me to stock up.
3. I provide you with the vitamins you need to stay healthy. ”

“That’s tough, ” says Wanda. “Treasures that keep you healthy? A good pair of shoes? Is the candy at the toy store? They sell colorful things, but not vitamins. It can’t be the grocery store either since you can go there in sandals. ”

Wanda glances at the worried crowd. She must guess the answer quickly! She paces back and forth, thinking about it. Then, suddenly:

“I know! ” she exclaims triumphantly.

She bolts down the street as Greg chases after her with a sneer.

When she makes it to the U-pick farm up the road, the young witch looks everywhere for a potential hiding place. Wanda sees a row of pumpkin boxes and rushes over to discover one filled with treats.

“I did it! ” she exclaims. “But we’ll never be able to return all the candy in time. ”

“I told you I had everything planned, ” replies Greg. “Lend me your broom. ”

Wanda cautiously hands over her broom. Greg removes the sheet he’s wearing and transforms it into a massive sack of candy, which he ties to the broom handle.

“It’s time to save Halloween, ” he says, smiling.

“Well done, ” she replies while mounting her broom.

On this memorable Halloween night, the town of Stonehill is showered with candy. The costumed children look up in awe and open their bags to collect the falling treats. Afterwards, some say they saw a strange shooting star, while others swear they heard joyful laughter echoing through the sky. Of course , no one will ever suspect that the candy showers are the work of a kind-hearted witch and a prankster ghost.


By Sarah Beauregard and Johannie Dufour
Translated by Jasmine Heesaker

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