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In early February of 2022, Beijing will (fingers crossed) host the XXIV Olympic Winter Games.

In honor of the world’s elite athletes coming together to compete in cold-weather sports (including figure skating and speed skating), Jessica Marshall and I are trying out several activities featured in the winter games. 

We started with ice skating because, conveniently enough, we have a competitive figure skater right here at the TU. In addition to being The Eagle podcast host, Marshall skates — well — and has been on the ice since she was 4-years-old. 

So she took me — who quickly learned ice skating is much, much different than in-line skating — out for a lesson at The Empire State Plaza Ice Rink in Albany. The rink is now open for the season. We focused on four basic skills, starting with falling down! 

Check it out and email us to suggest sports you’d like to see us try next. 

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