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WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. It is owned by Vince McMahon, who serves as chairman and CEO.

The company is a global entertainment corporation that provides a mix of professional wrestling, film, music, and licensing arrangements. Their main revenue streams come from product licensing and film.

WWE has two primary shows, SmackDown and Raw. They air Monday nights and Friday nights, respectively. There is also a third show, NXT, which is designed to develop new up-and-coming wrestlers.

Most of the wrestlers are hired for one show only. There are many superstars, including AJ Styles, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Kane, and The Undertaker.

In the US, WWE is on USA Network and Fox. It is also available through the WWE Network. These events are primarily live, although there is also a pay-per-view series.

WWE has also branched out into American football and film. Currently, it has a deal with Mexican wrestling promotion AAA.

Aside from television, WWE has a live-tour, which started July 16, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. This is a 25-city tour.

Wrestling is a mixture of reality, theatre, and TV drama. People watch it because it is fun and entertaining. However, they know it is not real.

Many people have complained in recent months about storylines in WWE. Several of the stars have said they were unhappy with the way storylines were being told.

During the “Ruthless Aggression” era in the 2000s, more stars came into the industry. But this era was a transitional time in WWE’s history.