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ABU DHABI, 26th November, 2022 (WAM) — Zayed Higher Organisation for the People of Determination (ZHO) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club (ADISC) to cooperate on the development of the abilities of the people of determination in ice sports.

An ice hockey team of ZHO’s deaf individuals of determination is being formed, in consistency with the ADISC’s objectives and purposes, and for the dissemination of awareness and knowledge of ice sports, and the formation of various sport teams for taking part in all competitions and championships.

The MoU was signed by Abdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan, ZHO’s Secretary-General, and Hamad Obaid Al Sheryani, the ADISC’s Executive Director. Signature ceremonies that took place at ZHO’s premises were attended by leading figures of both sides.

Under the MoU, ZHO shall enrol the players of its own sports activity clubs of the people associated with determination for training around the sport activities available at ADISC and shall encourage them to engage in the same, and attract women to participate in such sports activities in the future, with the provision of all the facilities that are needed simply by ADISC in their training programme, and raising the awareness of ADISC employees as in relation to dealing with people of determination.

On the other side, ADISC will provide the training premises and skiing equipment for the players, with taking in consideration all security and safety procedures, in addition to the organisation of participations in the championships, competitions and events that are compatible for the people of determination, and the diversification of their participation in snow sport activities, the provision of all facilities and services for such purpose, and the engagement of trainees within domestic training camps.

Abdullah Al Humaidan welcomed the signature of the MoU with ADISC, applauding the sport achievements being accomplished by ADISC on the regional and international levels for that UAE, which always deserves to be on the top and earn gold medals for its ongoing support of its children.

“Sport is very important for the people of dedication because it enhances the efforts for their enablement and integration into the society. ZHO offers realised this by the creation of three sport clubs thereof on the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in order to give the opportunity to the people of determination of ZHO or otherwise to practice sport under the supervision of qualified trainers, a thing which reflects positive development on the people of determination to gain trust and break the psychological barrier for themselves and their parents, ” he said.

“This dear category is a part of our united society, as we always look forward to integrating them into the society through the programmes plus events that are implemented by ZHO, especially sport programmes and events, with an active participation of public and private organisations within the framework of social cooperation, ” he added.

Hamad Al Sheryani stated, “We are pleased to cooperate with ZHO in order to empower its members by utilising the benefits of this Sport. In the following weeks, we are looking forward to welcoming them and contributing to teaching them how to play all kinds of ice sports plus improving their levels and abilities in this game. ”

He stressed that the MoU aims to spread the awareness of glaciers sports at all levels plus direct its benefits in order to serve the youth, explaining that the UAE is experiencing a remarkable renaissance in the game that has been spread and has achieved distinguished achievements at the regional, continental, and international levels.

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